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Como Pedro por mi casa – International Festival of Illustrated and Self-Edited Books takes place each year since 2006.

It is a festival dedicated entirely to illustrated books for adults, a carefully curated selection of works that exhibit a lack of prejudice in using drawing, painting or illustration in order to narrate a story. The Festival looks for books as a media open to multiple interpretations;  illustrated books, fanzine, object-book, graphic novel, artist books etc.  The festival’s only premise is that the work be of high quality and that this festival must be its debut in Barcelona. For it we do select unknown works along the year getting in touch with editors and authors from all around the world.

“Como Pedro por mi casa” is an invitation to curiosity and dissemination. The curiosity to encounter different, distant or unusual ways of explaining reality and the desire to celebrate them together.

Works selected form the  International submission  and coming from origins as varied as France, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, England, Norway, Portugal or Iran, will be on display to be seen, touched, and read in a space that recreates a comfortable living room.

In addition, the festival will include a program of activities,  including lectures, gettogethers, as well as workshops for children and adults. All of this providing once more a referenced event in term of book production, edition and sales of books, both at a national and international level where artists, designers, galleries, collectors, professionals and amateurs interested in illustrated books can meet up.

“Como Pedro por mi casa” is leaded and organized by Julia Pelletier, a professional illustrator and teacher specialized in artist and illustrated’s book.



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International Festival of Illustrated and Self-Edited Books

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